AGA New Mexico Chapter Bylaw updates

We updated our Bylaws, and we need your VOTE!

Attached is the last approved Bylaws from March 2010 and the updated version May 2016.

Below are the major additions to the Bylaws of 2016:

Article VIII – Nomination, Election and Filling of Vacancies for Officers and Directors:

Section 1.2 – The President-Elect must be a CGFM in active status or be CGFM eligible and received a letter of eligibility from the AGA Office of Professional Certification.

Article X – Financial Responsibilities

SECTION 3. Examination of Financial Records

1)      The Treasurer shall reconcile the bank statement on a monthly basis and submit to the CEC for review.

2)      The Treasurer shall complete the annual 990 Tax Return and submit to the CEC by July 30 for review.

3)      The Treasurer shall prepare annual financial statements at the close of the fiscal year.

4)      The Chapter will include the annual financial statements in the Citizen Centric Report (CCR) that is available to the membership.


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AGA New Mexico Chapter Bylaws March 2010

AGA New Mexico Chapter Bylaws May 2016

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