Luis Eres

DSC_7303Luis R. Eres, CGFM
Financial Manager for the New Mexico Army National Guard
2015 – 2016 New Mexico AGA Vice-President

Q: How did you get involved in AGA?

I joined AGA in February of 2005 when I began studying for the CGFM.

Q. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced professionally and how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge I’ve faced professionally is balancing a career, family and other activities.

The key is time management and staying focused on your priorities.

Q: How did you choose government financial management as your career?

Government financial management was an easy choice for me. I wanted to put my degree to

work and wanted steady employment.  I’ve had the opportunity to work both at the state and

federal levels.

Q: What’s the most important issue today in government financial management?

I believe the most important issue today in government financial management is ethics.  Tax

payers want their tax dollars used for the purposes intended and accounted for properly.

Q: Do you have a mentor and how has this person helped you?

I’ve been really fortunate to have had many mentors.  They’ve showed me the ropes and have

helped me grow not only professionally but personally.

Q: What advice would you give a new college graduate joining the field?

I would advise them to continue learning by taking accounting, finance and leadership courses

to prepare them for supervisor and director level positions.

Q: What’s the best piece of advice you never received but you wish you had?

It would have been nice to know about the numerous opportunities in governmental financial

management coming out of college.

Q: What the best thing about AGA?

The best thing about AGA is the people.  The camaraderie is great!

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