Membership Benefits

AGA offers members a host of benefits designed to support your career growth and success, including:

  • Knowledge sharing and networking through AGA chapters, national conferences, membership directory and social networking.
  • Leadership and volunteer opportunities through active involvement at the chapter, regional or national level.
  • Certification through the Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM) Program.
  • Continuing professional education (CPE) to suit every learning style.
  • Resume database and job bank through AGA’s Career Center.
  • Advocacy through AGA’s Financial Management Standards Board, which provides valuable input to standards-setting bodies and policy-makers on behalf of the government financial management profession.
  • Recognition through national awards and scholarships.

AGA publications include:

  • Newsletters — AGA keeps you informed through a variety of newsletters, such as Perspectives on Performance, AGA Insider, AGA TOPICS and more.
  • Journal of Government Financial Management — a peer-reviewed, quarterly research journal known for its in-depth coverage of relevant issues affecting government financial managers.
  • Research reports and Executive reports — reports assess best practices and recommendations for future improvements in federal, state and local governmental accounting, auditing and financial management.

AGA offers four national conferences:

  • Professional Development Conference (PDC)
  • National Leadership Conference (NLC)
  • Federal Performance Conference (FPC)
  • Internal Control & Fraud Conference

Members receive discounts on CGFM renewal as well as:

  • Continuing professional education hours needed to maintain your certification.
  • Conference registrations. Members save an average of $175 per conference over the nonmember rate.

View the membership types and choose the one that’s right for you.

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