New Mexico 2016 Citizen Centric Report

2016 CCRThe mission of the New Mexico Chapter of Association of Government Accountants (AGA) is to foster learning, certification, leadership and collaboration for professionals and stakeholders committed to advancing government accountability.

The New Mexico AGA educational events this program year focused on government accountability, including State Auditor Tim Keller addressing more than 200+ attendees at the annual Professional Development Training (PDT) about Government Accountability in New Mexico. A representative of the Government Accountability Office of the State Auditor also spoke at one of our luncheons, the topic was “Audit Results and Government Accountability”.

The NM Chapter promoted accountability and transparency by including a series of articles about the DATA (Digital Accountability and Transparency) Act in three of our 2015 newsletters and described how the DATA Act affects New Mexico. We also have three proclamations, State, City of Santa Fe and Santa Fe County, recognizing March as Certi- fied Government Financial Manager (CGFM) month. The announcement in the daily newspaper The New Mexican on March 6, 2016 read as follows:

Governor Martinez declares March as Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM) month in the spirit of promoting government accountability; AGA’s New Mexico and Albuquerque chapter are pleased to announce that March has been declared CGFM Month. Governor Martinez joins governors nationwide who have made March the month they promote this mark of excellence in the government financial management profession.

We hope you join us at our educational events in the coming year, and thank you for what you do to maintain accountability.

  • Chapter Executive Committee (CEC)

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