Sandra Steckler

Sandra Steckler
Children Youth and Families Department (CYFD), Chief Financial Officer
2015 – 2016 New Mexico AGA Chapter Membership Chair

Sandra Steckler


Q: How did you get involved in AGA?
A: I attended an AGA Professional Development Conference with a colleague that was held in Santa Fe that was sponsored by the New Mexico Chapter (aka Santa Fe Chapter).


Q: How did you choose government financial management as your career?

A: My interest started with the judiciary after I graduated from New Mexico State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), I started my professional government financial management career as a financial specialist with the Second Judicial District Court.

Q: What’s the most important issue today in government financial management?

A: Ethical behavior, accountability, internal controls, and ensuring policies, procedures and regulations are being adhered too.

Q: Do you have a mentor and how has this person helped you?

A: Yes, my first mentor was in the judiciary who helped me to grow in the start of my government career, and instilled in me to provide ethical services “do what is right”. My second mentor provided me the guidance to accept new challenges and to think outside the box within a team atmosphere. Always, look for improvement in processes, efficiencies, and improvements within the government guidelines.


Q: What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced professionally and how did you overcome it?

A: My biggest challenge professionally was overcoming the workload, and meeting timelines. I overcame the challenge through diplomacy and time management,


Q: What advice would you give a new college graduate joining the field?

A: Be happy with your job(s) that will allow you to learn and continuously grow in your professional career.


Q: What’s the best piece of advice you never received but you wish you had?

 A: Balance your work while taking time for yourself, and most importantly your family.


Q: What the best thing about AGA?

 A: The network with all levels of professionals and the knowledgeable people you meet. I would highly recommend to members to take the opportunity and join the AGA Executive Board, where you will get to contribute and give back to your fellow colleagues.

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